Deaf Cruise 2020 – South America & Antarctica

Tour Summary

You're in for a real treat with a South America and Antarctica cruise. Combining both continents together makes for the ultimate experience of nature lovers and any expeditor’s fantasy. South America along the Pacific and Atlantic Coastline, unveils a variety of amazing natural, cultural and historical wonders. And the Antarctica, also known as the Great White Continent is the world’s last true frontier.

The Antarctica is an amazingly white and isolated expanse of land that is extremely hard to reach. Early explorers reached the southern tip of South America and Antarctica only by ship. There are many tales written by these explorers about their voyage in the region and to the Great White Continent, Antarctica. A cruise is definitely the best way to follow their routes and explore the beauty of the snowy region. And the best way get up close with some of the most majestic animals at the sea.

On the Holland America Line you explore wildlife like never before from the snowy climates of Antarctica to the sunny delights of South America. You will have opportunities to disembark at some port towns where you may explore further in land or on shore for the wildlife. And you visit some towns with interesting history about the indigenous people and European settlement.

Your ship, the Zaandam, is elegant and comfortable. It was built in 2000 and refurbished in 2015. It is designed to carry fewer guests while offering greater space. The ship’s decor showcases artifacts and memorabilia from different musical genres. You will find several instruments that were once owned by famous musicians displayed on the walls of the ship.

While on-board, you enjoy cooking shows and hands-on workshops with America’s Test Kitchen. A sign language interpreter will be present at these shows and workshops. You may rejuvenate at the Greenhouse Spa & Salon, indulge at any of ship’s fine dining venues and enjoy other facilities, including the two swimming pools, casino and bar, theater, shops and much more.

Cruise Map of South America & Antarctica

Tour Dates: January 9 ~ January 31, 2020
Number of Days: 23 days / 22 nights
Max: up to 50 participants
Travel: Cruise with some land tours
Cruise Line: Holland America Lines (HAL)
Ship: Zaandam
Tour Conductor: D-travel Agency
Activity: cruising, sightseeing, nature walks, and cultural experiences
Language: American Sign Language & English with ASL interpreters
Physical: Easy – plenty of leisure time on the ship with shore excursions at your option
Stateroom Fares: Inside Stateroom from $3,999 per person* / Oceanview Stateroom from $4,499 per person*
  * Plus taxes & port fees, $510 per person
San Antonio (Santiago), Chile
Check in your cabins. Ship departs at 6:00 PM
At Sea
Cruise out to the open sea. Refer to on-board programs for ship activities and events
Puerto Montt, Chile
Stop to visit Puerto Montt, the gateway to Chile’s glacial lakes, volcanic landscapes and national parks that includes the Chiloé archipelago and Patagonia. The port is home to the Mapuche people and has a 100-year-old German settlement. Stroll the region with diverse cultures, great food and wines, and enjoy one of the world's most photogenic landscape.
Castro, Isla Chiloé, Chile
Dock at Castro, Chile’s third-oldest city. Traces of the area’s past include 16 historic churches, that are listed with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Another fantastic architecture is the palafitos, the region’s unique waterfront wooden homes that sit atop stilts. The city is a walker’s paradise. A stroll around the city and along the coast line is delightful.
Puerto Chacabuco, Chile
Get off at a tiny town with over 1,000 residence and sits at the head of the Aisén Fjord, The port may appear lacking in compelling attractions but it is the gateway to some of the most beautiful sights of the Chilean Patagonia. You may hike the Rio Simpson National Reserve or drive to visit Coyhaique or Puerto Aisén with shops, cafe and restaurants.
Chilean Fjords
Cruise along the west coast of Chile fjords, sliced by dramatic inlets, lined with rugged mountains and glacier-covered valleys. This spectacular stretch is known for its desolate beauty with dramatic land and its animal residents. Early Spanish explorers came here in search of the mythical city of the Caesars. The city was never found but its scenery.
Scenic Cruising Amalia or Brujo Glacier
Cruise among ice buildup through some mist and fog around the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Despite quixotic weather, you are guaranteed a backdrop of snow-capped peaks and glaciers with wildlife including Peale’s dolphins and sea lions as well as albatrosses and other seabirds going about their business around you.

Sarmiento Channel
And cruise through the Sarmiento Channel, a major waterway with fjords, snow-covered mountain ranges and massive glaciers. All kinds of marine animals, penguins, elephant seals, dolphins and orcas can be seen along the shores. The Kaweskar people lived in the region for more than 6,000 years, but the channel was named after a Spanish explorer who first navigated it.

Strait of Magellan
In the morning cruise into the Strait of Magellan, a cinematic channel linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans cuts between the mainland tip of South America with backdrop of impressive glacial and mountainous scenery, colonies of penguins, pods of humpback whales and schools of dolphins. The Strait of Magellan is the site for intrepid adventurers the world over.

Punta Arenas, Chile
Get off at Punta Arenas and explore the windblown city located at Chile's southernmost tip that sits on the Strait of Magellan, which itself is positioned squarely between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Many travelers stay for the beautiful landscapes of the Torres del Paine National Park or go penguin spotting, kayaking on the Magellan.

Cockburn Channel
Return to the ship and cruise towards tip of South America till you approach the Cockburn Channel, the twin rocks that guard its entrance. You may experience some ocean swells as your ship navigates into the open sea.The coastline is rich in fjords and glaciers, especially the Pia Fjord with ice and waterfalls. You might see a huge chunks of ice calve off into the sea.

Beagle Channel
Continue your cruise towards sunset into the Beagle Channel, a scenic and wonderfully calm strait that has become a popular cruise destination. By far the biggest sight is the town of Ushuaia in Argentina. Other highlights on the cruise include a slew of natural sights and wildlife spotting that includes the Sea Lion and the Pájaros birds.

Daylight Cruising Glacier Alley
In the morning cruise along the Glacier Alley also known as Glacier Avenue. It stretches along a the Beagle Channel. As you travel into the channel, you are treated to one stunning glacier after another. You can’t miss the blue ice that tumbles into the channel. Along with all these natural wonders, comes opportunities to see penguins, humpback whales and seals.

Ushuaia, Argentina
Stop and get off at Ushuaia, a town positioned at the southernmost tip of Argentina, cradled between mountains and accessed by the Beagle Channel. The town itself is a maze of streets lined with low-slung buildings that all seem to meet at its heart. The town welcomes guests from the cruise. There are museums, shops and restaurants preparing local king crab.

Cape Horn & Drake Passage
Cruise around Cape Horn that marks the entrance to the Drake Passage, where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet. Strong winds, currents, waves and icebergs made the passage treacherous in the early days of sailing. And still today, it remains a challenge for yacht races in the water. The area may look desolate and treeless, but it’s home to a vast number of gulls and other seabirds.
At Sea
Cruise out to the open sea. Refer to on-board programs for ship activities and events.
3-Day Antarctic Experience
Cruise into the White Continent, Antarctica. This is the moment you begin your Antarctic sailing expedition. You sail through the bays and islands of the Palmer Archipelago, off the northern tip of the long Antarctic Peninsula, which reaches out toward South America. Encircled in a landscape of snow and ice in every direction, your ship will slowly navigate the iceberg-dotted waters. The surroundings are hauntingly quiet as well, an aspect of the continent that comes as a surprise for many first-time visitors. Along the way, the ship's naturalists will point out the birds, terns, petrels, and gulls, found on the coast and on small islets at stops like Dallmann Bay. As you pass dark, rocky Cuverville Island, you’ll see some of the 6,500 pairs of gentoo penguins that make their home there, the largest known colony in the world. Continuing on to Paradise Harbor, you'll have a chance to observe not only gentoo and chinstrap penguins but possibly humans as well: Both Argentina and Chile have manned research stations here. Refer to on board programs and activities for your Antarctica Experience.
At Sea
Cruise out to the open sea. Refer to on-board programs for ship activities and events.
Stanely / Falkland Islands / Islas Malvinas
Dock at the world's southernmost capital, Stanley. It is situated in the Falklands archipelago. Stanley is proud of its British heritage, evidenced everywhere from its red telephone boxes to its pubs. The Falklands were first claimed by the English in 1765 and during colonialism the Falklands were used as a base for British ships hunting sperm whales for oil and seals for fur.
At Sea
Cruise out to the open sea. Refer to on-board programs for ship activities and events.
Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Get off at Puerto Madryn, a city with British roots. You can find restaurants that still serve afternoon tea. But for most travelers, the city is best known as the gateway to the Peninsula Valdés, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that's home to seals, sea lions and whales just offshore. It is worth spending some time exploring city and shorelines.
At Sea
Cruise out to the open sea. Refer to on-board programs for ship activities and events.
Montevideo, Uruguay
Get off and visit Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, a laid back city but a cosmopolitan atmosphere and excellent steak houses. The city is a treasure trove of Art Deco buildings and antique shops, some gleaming skyscrapers and open-air cafés that overlook the miles long coastline beach. Take a stroll along the malecón with delicious ice cream cone in hand.
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Final stop is at historic Buenos Aires. In the 20th century, the city gained immense wealth, shipping its beef around the world. A slew of attractions and architectural jewels soon arose. The city experienced huge swings in economic and political fortune. Any list of things to do would begin with walkable neighborhoods to historic landmarks. And Tango started there.
Included in the tour package:

  • Selective staterooms inquire D-travel about available staterooms and their price
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks in selected sites on the ship)
  • Public facilities on the ship (theatre, casino, swimming pool, health spa, and others)
  • Onboard programs (showcase, performances, lectures, movies and games)
  • Ship services (medical, customer and shore excursion)
  • ASL Interpreters

NOT INCLUDED in the tour package:

  • International flight
  • Flight insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Airport transfers
  • Shore excursions/tours
  • Other meals or foods not included in the meal plan
  • Specialty drinks (smoothies, specialty coffee or tea)
  • Alcohol drinks

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