Our History

Peggy's first international group tour to New York City in 1989.

D-travel Agency came a long way.

Peggy Prosser founded the travel agency in 2011.  However, there is a little of history that goes back to 1989 when Peggy lived in Washington, D.C. and hung around with Deaf International students at Gallaudet University.

Contrary to many travel agencies that are founded because of a travel agent’s own travel experience, Peggy didn’t begin as a traveler, she began by assisting her Deaf

International friends who wanted to travel around the United States. At that time, she did research for travel, hotel, touring activities, and helped booked them with another travel agency.  No commission was ever earned.  And, when she could afford to travel with the group, she would join with them as a driver and guide.   Peggy never dreamt of becoming a travel agent.

Peggy assisted in the Gallaudet University Youth Scholarship Program fellowship in 1996 in Tokyo, Japan

In 1991, Peggy moved to Japan, where she taught English and American Sign Language to Deaf Japanese. As a language teacher, Peggy wanted her students to make use of their language experience by traveling to the US and mingle with Deaf Americans. She and another colleague started an exchange between the U.S. and Japan. They planned many trips to different Deaf events in the US, such as to the Deaf Expo, sporting events hosted by AAAD and other special interest group events or conferences

Peggy assisted in the development of a fieldwork trip to Malaysia in 1998.

As the exchange programs grew popular, Peggy started to received requests for private family and group tours to the US which in turn, led her advising groups on travel and touring in the US. Peggy has traveled with some groups as a guide and an interpreter. In addition to the group tours, Peggy also advised on admission to various schools in the US and sought for homestay hosts for Deaf Japanese visitors.

Peggy not only planned travels and tours for Deaf Japanese but also for International visitors to Japan. She has welcomed many international visitors and advised them about traveling in the country. She has traveled with the international visitors around Japan as a guide and an interpreter and continues to do so today.

Peggy also hosted a tour to Cuba in 2005.

In 2005, Peggy decided on a career change from teaching to International Development because she became increasingly interested in the lives and issues of Deaf people in developing countries whereas she met during her travels abroad from Japan.

Peggy left Japan in 2007 to complete her studies for an MA in International Development at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. Though while studying and during her spare time, Peggy continued to help Deaf Japanese plan their visit to the US. She has joined them in their travels as a guide and interpreter to the US.

Peggy traveled with the H-3 network film production team to Turkey in 2014.

After graduation in 2009, Peggy traveled the world continually as an international development specialist, meeting with deaf people and increasingly networking various travel suppliers and guides for services with her work in different countries.

By 2011, Peggy vowed to stop offering travel and touring assistance because she felt she was not benefiting from the work and needed to find a permanent job, until a friend encouraged her to set up a travel agency specifically for Deaf travelers and to work with travel suppliers who could provide tour concessions for Deaf group travel.

Robin Ching joined D-travel in 2013

BINGO!  D-travel Agency was founded.  Peggy created the name, D-travel Agency with the letter “D” to show that the travel services are geared to the Deaf community.

In 2013, Robin Ching joined the business as a partner.  D-travel Agency is co-owned by Peggy Prosser and Robin Ching in Rochester, New York.