Travel Agents

Co-owner / Marketing Manager

Peggy Prosser is the founder of D-travel Agency.  She focuses mainly on the agency’s business development and marketing.  Peggy is Deaf and is a proud alumnus of Gallaudet University.  She has a BA in business administration and an MA in International Development.

Peggy lives in Tokyo, Japan where she also works as a travel consultant with Nadeshiko Yoriai.  She works with travel and tour suppliers on the inclusion of Deaf people for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.  On many occasions she also works as a tour guide for Deaf groups with tour companies in Japan.

Peggy knows American and Japanese Sign Language.  She uses both sign languages everyday.  She also knows International Signs.  Peggy has visited many countries and has lived in some of the countries for more than 6 months or longer.  She has been to every continent except Antarctica.

Peggy is outgoing and adventurous.  During her free time she escapes to the mountains or to the oceans.  She enjoys art exhibitions, museums of history and cultural festivals.  She particularly loves nature, outdoor or wildlife travels.  She had been on safaris in Africa, trekked high mountains, snowshoed through forests, walked on drift ice, bicycled around different islands, dived into the deep sea, rode motorcycles across deserts, kayaked in rapids and camped in the wild.  Peggy hopes to offer more adventure tours for Deaf outdoor enthusiasts.

Peggy dabbles in world sign languages, samples foods in world cuisines and sips on international coffee, tea, wine and beer.

Peggy is a tour conductor with tour suppliers with D-travel Agency.  And she is a tour guide in all of D-travel Tours to Japan.

Robin Ching

Co-owner / Business Manager

Robin Ching
 is the business manager of D-travel Agency.  She joined the agency in 2013 right after her graduation from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BA in international hospitality.  Robin is Deaf and proud to be an “ABC”, American-Born Chinese.  She currently lives in Rochester, New York.  Robin also manages D-travel Agency’s home office in Rochester, New York.

Robin has visited many cities in the United States.  She has been to a number of countries, too.  Robin enjoys meeting deaf and hearing locals around the world, and learn their culture and arts.

Robin has participated in D-travel Tours.  She joined the 2014 Deaf Safari to Kenya, where she had spotted all of the Big Five animals.  She traveled to Cuba with Go Haydee Tours, a tour supplier to D-travel Agency’s and she traveled to Japan twice as a tour conductor for D-travel Tours in 2015 Spring and 2016 Fall.  Also, she conducts the Balkan Discover river cruise by Avalon Waterways.

Aside from travel agency work, Robin is an avid cyclist.  She has cycled across America from Los Angeles to Washington, DC in 2003 and from Denver, CO to Santa Fe, NM in 2006.  And also, from Boston to Provincetown, MA yearly when she lived in Boston, MA.  Robin took many day trips on her bike to many other cities in the past.  She continues to ride her bicycle every weekend with a group of Deaf Rochester cyclists.  Robin hopes to offer cycling tours in the near future.

Robin also enjoys hiking, motorcycling, historical museums and art galleries, performing arts, and international cuisines including wine tasting.