D-Travel Tours

D-travel Agency offer tours to Deaf travelers, their family and friends.  Our tours are known as D-travel Tours without the word “Agency”.

D-travel Tours are those tours hosted by D-travel Agency with partner suppliers.  Together with our partners, we aim to create Deaf centric itineraries where tours are designed to include sign language, Deaf culture and interest.  And we are proud to tell you that some of our tour suppliers are Deaf-owned.

D-travel Tours includes visit to local Deaf clubs, schools for the Deaf, dining at deaf-owned restaurants and cafes, staying overnight at Deaf-owned lodges and/or stopping by at any other Deaf-owned sites or businesses.  Visits to these sites are arranged in cities and on dates that are the closest and are available to the tour.

D-travel Agency also consults their partner suppliers in their design to include sign language and the local Deaf community.  We encourage our suppliers to hire Deaf local guides or guides who know sign language and/or include sign language interpreters.

We also recommend our suppliers choose the service of Deaf experts or experts who know sign language in services for excursions like in scuba diving, trekking, sailing or in arts and cultures such as in guided tours at museums or historical sites and for culture experience activities like in wine-tasting, craft making or kimono dressing.  And we deeply apologize whenever these experts are not available in some destinations.

Also in as much as we like to use Deaf-owned or Deaf-friendly services, we offer promotion and booking services to Deaf-owned and Deaf-friendly companies that work within the travel or hospitality sector.  They include Deaf-owned or Deaf-friendly tour companies, Deaf or signing tour guides, Deaf or signing sporting, arts and culture experts and also interpreters.

* If you are a Deaf owned business that serves the hospitality industry, contact us, we will be happy to meet and talk with you how our agency can promote your business.