Travel Package

D-travel Agency promotes and book travelers to various kinds of travel packages, they include vacation, destination tour and cruise packages.

Vacation Package

A vacation package comprises transport and accommodation bundled together for a short getaway, usually three days and for individuals or couples.  Some packages accept small groups.  Destinations often are geared to the mountain, beach, parks or spa resorts.  Some packages include activities such as water sports, skiing, admission to parks or a massage.

D-travel Agency receives an ongoing promotion of hot deals, discounts and specials from all inclusive vacation vendors.  You may subscribe to D-travel Agency to receive vacation deals in your mailbox or e-mail.

Destination Tour

D-travel Agency selects and promote packaged tours by companies with whom they partner with.  The tours are those kinds of sightseeing and cultural immersion travel packages that are open to anyone who wants to join.  Interested travelers are required to sign up for the tour and travel in a group with other travelers.  These tour package usually comes with a travel itinerary and includes a tour director, driver, guides, intra-travel, accommodations, meals, admission to various sites or any other activities arranged by the tour company.  These tours usually travel in a charter bus or vehicle owned by the tour company and they have a fixed date for departure.  The number of travelers varies from a small group of 8 persons to a large group of 20 or more participants.  Sign language interpreters are often not included in these tours but unless there is a greater number of Deaf travelers together in a group.  An interpreter could be arranged when feasible.  Contact us for any available tours around the world.  We are happy to help arrange for any groups with our partners.


Are you looking an ocean or river cruise vacation?  D-travel Agency can book couples or a group of Deaf travelers to a cruise, too.  You can join a cruise anytime.  Check our list of cruise partners and their cruise destinations.  We will help book you to a cabin on any available cruise or we can help plan a group event on some cruise.  And we might be able to put you on a ship with Deaf group.

D-travel Agency also offers to help with shore excursions.  At certain destinations we probably can book you with a Deaf guide or visits to Deaf-owned business or sites.

D-travel Agency has an advantage to work with cruise companies.  We receive special promotions & perks for our travelers from cruise companies whom we partner with.

About our travel and tour suppliers

D-travel Agency adds Deaf-owned and Deaf-friendly travel and tour companies to their preferred list of suppliers.  We are proud of our growing list of Deaf-owned travel and touring companies. Find out who we work with, check our list of affiliates and partners.