Travel Support

D-travel Agency understands the value of your time when planning for a trip.  And as a travel agency, we work closely with you in finding and booking services for your trip and to provide you with the right information and links to help you prepare for your trip, from passport and visa information, foreign currency, travel insurance, and airport information, flight destinations and itineraries, bundled packages, tours, shore excursions and even weather.

D-travel Agency communicates travel news, advisories posted from different international agencies and for any booking updates made with clients.  Supporting and communicating with our clients is our ultimate purpose and responsibility.


D-travel Agency offers a regular subscription of travel news and hot deals sent to our agency from travel and tour suppliers to subscribers.  You can sign up for a subscription.   Don’t miss out our hot deals.

D-travel Agency is also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and Pinterest.  We share different information from travel news, advertisements from our suppliers and our D-travel Agency work and tours.  We try to share as much exciting information about the world of travel and culture.  Sign up with us!


D-travel Agency advocates for the interest of the Deaf traveler.  We participate in travel and tour expos, network with the travel industry.  And we consults with travel suppliers and tour companies on the inclusion of Deaf travelers.

Our D-travel Agency director, Peggy Prosser gives lectures and offer workshops on sign language and inclusion of Deaf in tourism to travel suppliers and tour operators.

Note:  If you are a travel or tour supplier and wish to include Deaf travelers in your tours or travel programs, D-travel agency can offer you advice and support in your developments to include Deaf travelers.  Call us, today!