Terms of Condition

Reserve Your Spot

D-travel Agency is a private retailer that provides travel and tourism services on behalf of  travel and tour suppliers whom we partner with.  We also host, known as D-travel Tours with our partners.  Following are general  procedures for booking any tours with D-travel Agency.

Normally to reserve a spot in a tour advertised or hosted by D-travel Agency, you need to submit a request to reserve.

After submitting your request to reserve, a D-travel agent will contact you and ask you to complete a reservation form and put down a deposit to secure your spot in the tour.  The amount for deposit and payment dues vary from tour suppliers.

Be aware that cancellation policies vary from suppliers, too.  Some policies state deposits are refundable and others  are non-refundable and whereas others are partly refundable after a number of days.

Also transferring space to another person or requesting for a voucher isn’t always guaranteed.

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions and communicate with your D-travel agent.

Your booking for any tour is confirmed when a deposit or the required minimum is met.


Payment policy varies from travel and tour suppliers.  You may make installment or additional payments toward the balance amount due.  Deposit for tours and payment dues can be paid by check or credit card.  Any payments by credit card via PayPal will carry a surcharge of 3%.

Custom Design Tour

D-travel agency offers custom design tours to individuals and groups.  D-travel Agency has a fee for custom design services and the fee is non-refundable when cancelled or dropped.


D-travel Agency is an independent contractor with a larger travel company which is an active member of the following organizations.

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Limits of Liability

D-travel Agency is a private retailer that provides travel and tourism services on behalf of travel suppliers such as airlines, lodging, car and villa rental, cruises, vacation packages, tour packages, activities, and travel insurance.

D-travel Agency is not liable for any negligent or wilful act of any such person or entity in connection with the provision of travel services and goods.

D-travel Agency is not responsible for any inconvenience, delay, damage to personal property, personal injury, loss or death in connection with the provision of supplier’s services, not limited to overbooking or poor services, natural disaster, illness, civil unrest, insurrection, criminal or terrorist activities of any kind, mechanical failure of transportation or other causes beyond D-travel Agency’s control.  All such losses and expenses will have to be borne by the the traveller.  And for this matter, we strongly recommend travel insurance prior to your departure.  Inquire D-travel Agency for travel insurances.