D-travel Tours 2020

  • South America & Antarctica Cruise
    January 9 ~ 31, 2020
    explore the Great White Continent, the Antarctic
    watch for wildlife in the sea and by the shore
    visit towns with parks and historic settlements
  • Japan Winter Wonderland
    February 1 ~ 13, 2020
    snowshoe & explore the Shiretoko Peninsula
    join millions to the Sapporo Snow Festival
    meet the famous Japanese snow monkeys
  • Japan Spring Cherry Blossom
    April 3 ~ 15, 2020
    tour the most contemporary city, Tokyo
    learn the unforgettable history of Hiroshima
    experience Japanese traditions in Kyoto
  • Russia Volga River Cruise
    July 13 ~ 25, 2020
    sightsee the world’s largest country, Russia
    find the treasures of Moscow & St. Petersburg
    cruise the iconic Volga River on a elegant ship
  • Deaf Safari
    August 7 ~ 16, 2020
    watch the greatest wildlife show on Earth
    visit a Masai Village & meet the people
    sleep in the wild in bungalows & big tents
  • South Caucasus: Armenia & Georgia
    October 1 ~ 13, 2020
    see soaring mountains, lakes and waterfalls
    visit spectacular fortresses and monasteries
    enjoy unique Armenian and Georgian cuisines
  • Japan Autumn Foliage
    October 29 ~ November 10, 2020
    walk down antique highway to old post town
    experience snow on Japanese alps at 2,500m
    see old Nara its temples & shrines & meet deer